Duties of Membership

  • Members of the OFPC agree to the OFPC core values.
  • Members work towards common goals and are tasked with seeking solutions that, as much as possible, consider the food system as a whole and benefit the community as a whole. OFPC will work in collaboration with others and will seek to ensure that decisions and actions do not undermine work in relation to one core value by supporting another.
  • Members agree to declare any conflicts of interest and to work in a transparent manner.
  • Members participate as individuals, bringing their own expertise and knowledge, and the perspectives of the groups/sectors with which they are engaged, in their role as a member of the OFPC.
  • All members have equal decision-making power.
  • Members are not paid for their participation in the OFPC.

Composition of Membership

  • The OFPC strives to include a diversity of voices and experiences.
  • The OFPC has a minimum of 9 and a maximum of 21 voting members.
  • The OFPC will include members who bring the perspectives and experience of as many of the following sectors as possible:
    • Community organizations.
    • Farming and/or food production.
    • Food processing and/or food distribution and/or regulation of food and agriculture.
    • Restaurateurs, food retail and food service.
    • Business community and/or business networks.
    • Poverty, access to food, emergency food providers.
    • Academic community (post-secondary).
    • Schools (primary, junior, and secondary).
    • Government leadership.
    • Environmental groups.
    • Health.
  • The OFPC will include consideration of the following types of diversity in selection and recruitment of new members (i.e. the individual has expertise or lived experience):
    • Geographic:  including suburban, urban, and rural.
    • Demographic: including First Nations, Inuit and Métis, Francophone, newcomers to Canada, low-income communities, and youth (under 25 years of age).
  • The OFPC will have four set positions during the first term: 2 City Councillors, representing rural and urban/suburban wards, Ottawa Public Health, and Just Food (Board Chair).
  • The OFPC will be supported by Just Food staff liaison(s) and City of Ottawa staff liaison(s). These members do not participate in decision-making, but provide knowledge and support to the OFPC.
  • Individuals representing other groups, institutions, or organizations may be additionally invited to participate as members of the OFPC if the priority focus areas of the OFPC for the year warrant their inclusion.

Selection of Membership

  • Members of the OFPC have a 3-year term, with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms. After the maximum term is served, members are asked to step down from the OFPC for a minimum of 2 year(s) after which time they may seek to join the OFPC again if they choose.
    • Within the first year, the OFPC will determine how best to create a staggered membership.  (For example, half of the first slate of OFPC members could serve a 2-year term, and half could serve a 3-year term, etc.)
  • Members are selected through an annual open-call application process.
  • An applications sub-committee of three OFPC members will be convened for this purpose.
  • Applicants are asked to provide a statement of interest and expertise, and must read and agree to the Values document and Terms of Reference.
  • The applications sub-committee reviews the applications and recommends new members to the OFPC. The applications committee may be given direction by the OFPC to recruit members with particular expertise based on the OFPC’s priority focus areas.
  • Should a member need to resign, the Council may appoint a replacement to serve until the next regular application process. Such replacement will consider the needs of the Council with respect to the perspectives that person brought to the table.