The Ottawa Food Policy Council is comprised of individuals representing all aspects of the food system to enable a broader and more coherent discussion and elaboration of policies related to food.

Our Mission

The mission of the Ottawa Food Policy Council (OFPC) is to work towards a food system in Ottawa that emphasizes social and economic viability, and environmental sustainability through the entire food cycle and in which food is celebrated and enjoyed.

Our Values

  • We value social justice and equity.
  • We value health and wellbeing.
  • We value social, economic, and environmental sustainability.
  • We value social diversity and inclusivity.
  • We value education about food and food systems.
  • We value collaboration.
  • We value planning that supports long-term sustainability and ready access to food.

These values were outlined in the Food For All Values document developed through community discussion and consultation, and refined by the Food for All Steering Committee.

Role and Scope

  • To analyze and monitor policy using a system-wide food lens that takes into account the rural and urban reality of the Ottawa region.
  • To develop and propose evidence-based food policies for the Ottawa region.
  • To connect and synthesize the work of various groups, perspectives, and sectors.
  • To enable public participation, liaise with community leaders, and consult with relevant groups in the policy process.
  • To identify critical issues for further research, and to facilitate and disseminate the research and findings through liaising with existing researchers and networks in Ottawa.
  • To cooperate with decision-making bodies in Ottawa, including the City of Ottawa, the Ottawa Board of Health, the National Capital Commission, the four school boards, community organizations, businesses, and others, in implementing comprehensive food policies.
  • To advocate food policy by increasing public awareness through communication with community groups and via formal delegations to decision-making bodies.


The OFPC is an independent non-partisan body, separate from any existing organization.